All the way from the land of Oz, as in Australia, comes the fabric for this months Ugly. We are global here at Jaykco!



Andrew R sent us this rather killer Aqua and Green monstrosity. That looks actually, pretty darn cool. As always this is a limited run. So when they are gone, they are gone.


We are pretty sure that the top is a polyester of some kind. Beware, this isn't the only fabric Andrew sent us, we have some cowboys and spaceships that we will be rolling out in early march.




Did you know that anyone can provide us the fabric and if we use it, you get a free strap. So contact patrick@jaykco.com with some photos of some fabric that will make a good ugly.


This month we have kind of a spring theme going with blues and green and orange. It is our first foray into some more colorful suede too.


Our tails (ends) are double suede with stitched keyholes for durability and security.

The back is a thick suede, with no vinyl or rivets to rip out.

Model: UM0211
Head: Toast suede
Tail: Toast suede
Top: Most Likely a Polyester something or other.
Back: Toast suede
Edged: Yes
Stitching: Toast
Maximum length: 55 inches

Width 2"

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Exceptional JayKco quality yet again

Andy Ronayne on 5th Apr 2011

This UGLY turned out every bit as good as I had hoped. The English Toast suede perfectly matches the brown border in the pattern. Exceptional JayKco quality yet again.