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The Vintage Collection

Here are a few photos of the Jaykco Vintage Guitar Strap Collection. Straps here are NOT for sale. We might however be convinced to trade for stuff.....if it's really cool...and we want it....REAL BAD.....







This is the Ace model that Jimi Hendrix wore at Woodstock, Johnny Cash wore when he recorded "Live at Folsom Prison" and that Elvis wore on the red Hagstrom Viking he played on the '68 Comeback Special.

That Viking belonged to Al Casey, who was in the band that night.  The story goes that the director or producer wanted a colorful guitar in the shot and told Elvis to take Al's guitar. 

Al is an interesting cat. He was a top session player for years. A favorite and best friend of Lee Hazlewood as well as the guy that Duane Eddy copped his sound from.



This is the same pattern as Johnny Cash wore at San Quentin, you the infamous shot of him giving the bird in the prison jump suit. Not sure what brand Johnny's was. This one is a no name.



We think that this one is called the "Kalediscope". Anyway we do know that it was the strap that was on one of Mick Taylor's Les Paul Standards that he was using during Exile and beyond. There are lots of photos of both Mick and Keith using that guitar with this strap.

This is one of the cleanest in our collection.



A pair of matching Aces. Not sure who used these. Somewhere somebody told us. If you know let us know, please?


A killer cool old Bobby Lee "No Mishap Guitar Strap" Bobby Lee was the first company to make the cool woven jaquard straps, he was later copied by Ace and put out of business by their cut throat corporate approach. True story. Bobby Lee the man was pretty bitter about it too.










late 70s early 80s???


A favortie pattern of ours. Wish we could find some ribbon like it. It reminds us of the Navajo storm pattern.