We found it again! Good news is that this version of this ribbon has a slightly tighter weave than the first version we had. That being said it still It looks like velcro  will be  tough  on it   and hang nails will be hard on it. Treat this one with a little extra care just in case. 


It really has the look and feel of vintage embroidery on your favorite vintage denim shirt find.  That always reminds of of the west coast, the 70s  and sunny Califormnia Country Rock but hey, that's just us. If this screams death metal to you, please go for it. Who are we to say? 

Head: Toast Suede
Tail: Toast Suede
Top: Woven Jacquard
Back: Toast Suede
Edged: Yes
Stitching: Blue
Maximum length: 55 inches

Width 2"


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