Those of you that had a goth or metal phase will know that its is hard to get your blacks to match, especially after you have washed them a bit and they become less black than new. What you see here is a black Velvet top on Black suede and in general they match up pretty well.


Our Velvet is a little rough to the touch. We use car upholstery because it's tough. The dress maker stuff we used for our initial  prototypes frayed at the edges way to fast for us.


Our heads and tails (ends) are double suede with stitched keyholes for durability and security.

The back is a thick suede, with no vinyl or rivets to rip out.

Model: HVBB1
Head: Black Suede
Tail: Black Suede
Top: Black Velvet Stuff
Back: Black Suede
Edged: NO
Stitching: Black
Maximum length: 55 inch

Max width 2 inches

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0.40 LBS
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The difference between boys and men.

17th Feb 2014

This is a man's guitar strap. You don't discover Jaykco straps without, at the very least, exposure to the real deal in guitpickin. This strap uses materials among the highest quality available, while maintaining artisanal grade craftsmanship. Would really love to see some special edition straps that push their use of materials and creativity. Thanks for the classiest accessory to really set off my playing experience.

None more black!

Ron Frazelle on 1st Apr 2013

This strap is made with love, you can tell by the construction! It is the perfect addition to my Les Paul Special. I am hooked on Jaykco straps, I have another in the mail as we speak for my '74 SG!